About Us!

March 1987
First Location
Exterior of our original 1,900 sq/ft location before the family (Mom, Dad and me) purchased it circa the late 80’s. Old owner was a jack of all trades and master of none. Upon purchase we eliminated everything but United States coins and sports cards (we eliminated the coins eventually) and renamed the business Burbank Sportscards.
March 1988
Don and Marsha Osborne

A picture circa 1987 of myself with Don and Marsha Osborne, the previous owners. And yeah, I guess having that extra button undone was a big thing back in the day. I was 21.

August 1990
In The News

A piece in the local San Fernando Valley newspaper from 1990 that depicted the card boom that was happening, it was quite the wild time.

June 1991
AMC Debut

We used this photo from our original shop for an ad campaign that we launched at the AMC theater for their on screen previews in the early 90’s.

October 1993
Our Original Showroom

An additional shot of part of our original showroom.

October 1995
Our Second Location

The exterior of our second building which was double the size of the first.

October 1995
Opening Day 2nd Location

Mom, Dad and I on opening day, as fate would have it, it was the Monday that the O.J verdict was read, exactly at 10:00 am when we opened our doors.

February 1996
Busy Day

A busy day at our second location. This was pre-mainstream e-commerce and folks had to actually dig through boxes and peruse showcases to buy their cards.

March 1996
My Mom and Ernie

My Mom Elaine who was on board from the first day of family ownership until her passing in 2007. As you can see, she lit up the room, she was the adult in the room in the beginning, lol, and everyone LOVED her.

April 1996
Organization and Selection

A pic of me and my Pops Steve in front of an amazing array of cards that were organized back in the day as cards are now in a database today.

June 1998
Rob's Desk

A typical sight on my desk till this very day. Mountains of cards that need to be broken down so they can be worked by the staff. With over 40 million cards on eBay, this has been a daily grind for decades.

May 2007
Our Current Location

The exterior shot our 3rd and hopefully last location.  it’s 7,500 square feet, has a hopping showroom in the front and the ultimate sports cards fulfillment center in the back.

July 2017
Our Haul at the National

My son and I, as you can see we are always buying!

August 2020
Our New Exterior

Fresh new look of our current building.

August 2020

8 Showcases of premium singles. 

August 2020

Huge selection of singles and boxes. 

August 2020
Shipping Area

Where we ship out hundreds packages a day. 

October 2020
3 Generations

Ryan, Steve, and I 

June 2021
3rd Location

1610 W Burbank Blvd

September 2021
Trade Night

Ask about our next trade night!